What Design & CAD Services can we offer?

2D & 3D modelling, drawing & rendering. FEA Analysis. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)

Have you got old legacy drawings that need revitalising and bringing into the modern age of engineering? Perhaps you have a product that could greatly benefit from having 3D CAD models? Link Engineering Design can help with your CAD design and rendering services.

It is surprising how many businesses have an outstanding product, but do not have the 2D or 3D CAD models to compliment them. Often, designers will look for a product that they can download and easily integrate into their own designs. Sometimes, having this information can be the deciding factor in whether or not they choose your product over a competitors. Having CAD models gives the designer peace of mind when using your product, as often the designer would have to extrapolate the information they require from your catalogue or website and model the part themselves. This is time consuming and can lead to the designer making errors. By providing CAD models, the designer is much more likely to use your product.

CAD models can also be a fantastic way of marketing your product. With high quality rendered CAD models, we can capture your product in a light that you just cannot get with a conventional camera. CAD models can also be adapted into a video or animated to show how parts are assembled. This allows you to rotate, zoom or even explode the assembly, essentially seeing the product from many different angles (this is great for sales and marketing!).  Old 2D drawings can be converted into 3D models with the benefit that these parts can potentially be manufactured, installed and assembled faster with the help of modern technology.

What we can offer

We offer a variety of design and CAD services:

  • 3D and 2D CAD design – This includes modelling and producing drawings, We can design something from scratch or rework/improve an existing design.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – Running simulations and tests in order to prove a concept or design will work.
  • Converting paper or 2D digital drawings to 3D models with new updated drawings.
  • Generating videos and rendered modelling – Great for sales and marketing
  • Our services don’t end at design. We can also manufacture and install anything we design if required.

Our Facilities & Team

Link Design Engineering Ltd employs an in-house team of design engineers and project managers. We can make an idea become a reality and take a project from the initial concept through to a tangible solution.  We always strive to deliver projects to the highest quality, on-time and within budget.

Our project managers have an in-depth knowledge of various industries, with experience in delivering large, complex and turn-key projects. From concept to execution our project managers have got you covered.

Our designers are proficient in using the latest CAD software (Autodesk AutoCad & Inventor). With this software, we produce models, drawings and layouts that can help you, as our customer visualise the project throughout the whole design process. We also use advanced FEA software to prove calculations and run simulations in order to validate our designs. Our design team can also produce rendered images and videos which can be a great tool for marketing and sales. Perhaps you have a standard product range or need a set of models and drawings for a product? Our design team can help!

See the below images for some our CAD models, drawings and designs.

*More examples coming soon*


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